Hands Down Best Blog: if I was as knowledgeable or wrote as well as the commenters on Coates’ blog, I’d consider myself a success. Not always directly germane to what I’m writing about here, but when it is, it’s indispensable. A huge part of why cities are where they are today that pretty much everyone seems to want to ignore or forget.

City Planning n Transporation n Streets n Stuff

Streetsblog LA: if walking and biking in your city is a little safer now than it was 5 years ago, you probably owe Streetsblog a thank you.

Curbed LA: keeping track of development in the LA Basin.

The Greater Marin: Bay Area perspectives.

Human Transit: transit writing based on logic instead of emotion.

Pedestrian Observations: organization before electronics before concrete.

Reason Rail: no, not that Reason.


Market Urbanism

Cap’n Transit

Biking in LA

Surley Urbanist

Stop and Move: reminding you that California is more than just LA, SF, and SD.

Corner Side Yard: perspectives from the Midwest. You don’t have a working theory of American cities if you can’t talk about places like Chicago and Detroit.

Itinerant Urbanist

Purple City

The Dismal Science

Calculated Risk: back in 2005 he was one of the first to tell you about impending doom in the housing market. Now he’s one of the first to tell you that land development is coming back to life. The least you could do is pay attention.

Into the Madding Crowd

Loyal Opposition

The Anti-Planner

New Geography: reporting on the triumph of suburbia from America’s densest metro area.


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