Vote for Housing Abundance

The cost of housing in Los Angeles is very high by any measure, and we talk about it a lot here. We believe that for LA to be the best city it can be, we have to be welcoming, and part of that means reasonably priced housing. We know that means LA needs a housing boom. We’ve looked at traditional forms of mass-produced privately-funded affordable housing, like the dingbat and the courtyard building, and why they don’t get built anymore. We’ve made passionate calls to focus on increasing the supply of housing of all types, for people of all types. And we’ve argued that housing supply advocates and affordable housing advocates need to work together to overcome the obstacles to building more housing.

Now, there’s a new housing advocacy group in LA, working on these very issues: Abundant Housing LA. The goal is simple: to make Los Angeles a place where anyone can find housing at a reasonable cost and pursue their dreams. The task, changing the way we think about housing, is not. AHLA is currently competing for an LA2050 Challenge Grant, and proposes to use the money to conduct community outreach, support new housing across the region, and help engage the vast majority of people who are currently uninvolved in land use decisions.

If you believe that LA should be a city that is sustainable, affordable, and welcoming to all, I strongly urge you to vote for Abundant Housing, and help restore the California dream.


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