LACMTA Bus Ridership Update: July 2015

Another three months has passed, so it’s time for another LACMTA bus ridership update. As always, we start with the raw data. Highlighted cells represent the top 10 months for that route (since January 2009).


Here are the weekday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-month rolling averages.

bus-wkdy-12mo-201507 bus-Sat-12mo-201507 bus-Sun-12mo-201507

There’s not much new to say, so we’ll keep it short. Lines that have seen slight decreases continue to decrease; those that are steady seemed to keep holding. The Silver Line continues to grow slowly.

Here’s the percentage of trips on each arterial being served by the rapid route.


The share of riders served by the rapid routes continues to slowly rise on most corridors. This doesn’t necessarily mean increasing ridership on the rapid – it could be that both the rapid and local declined, but the rapid was more resilient. For example, here’s the split for Wilshire, where the Westside local (Route 20) has been fairly steady, the Rapid (Route 720) has seen a modest drop, and the heaviest drop has been on the east side local (Route 18).


That’s it for now; next up, Valley bus ridership, and then Metrolink. I’m going to keep these ridership posts short and go to a 6-month update cycle, in order to allow more time for more interesting posts.

5 thoughts on “LACMTA Bus Ridership Update: July 2015

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  2. Luke Klipp

    This is great – thanks for sharing. I’m curious if you could plot this against actual revenue service hours. In other words, we might see a slight decline here or there, but is that as much a reflection of reduced service as it is anything else? Or perhaps we see rising ridership on a certain line, but that’s not keeping up with the ramped up service along it? For instance, the jump in Santa Monica rapid bus service probably correlates to the substantial increase in revenue service hours along the 704.

    Thanks again!

    1. letsgola Post author

      I’d like to start tracking that for future updates. Unfortunately, I don’t think historical data for revenue service hours per route is available. (But if it is, and anyone knows where to find it, let me know!)

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