Metrolink Ridership Update – April 2015

Time for an update on Metrolink ridership, including FY15Q2 (October-December 2014) data. Here’s the breakdown of data by stations.


As we’ll see, it looks like the downward trend in ridership has finally started to level out. Hopefully this trend continues and ridership starts to pick up, as Metrolink works to address equipment reliability issues. Of course, the impact of new Metrolink CEO Art Leahy’s move to a different floor at One Gateway has yet to play out.

With that, I’ll let the graphics speak for themselves. Here’s the update of the rolling 12-month averages, broken down by line.

Ventura-20150407 AV-20150407 BG-20150407 SB-20150407 Riverside-20150407 91-20150407 OC-20150407 91OC-20150407 AC-20150407

Here’s a look at the top 10 and bottom 10 stations for ridership gained (or lost) over the period from June 2010 to December 2014 (all based on rolling 12-month averages). The top 10 are unchanged, while in the bottom 10, El Monte, Via Princessa, and San Bernardino replaced Montclair, Santa Clarita, and Pomona North.

abstop-20150407 absbottom-20150407

7 thoughts on “Metrolink Ridership Update – April 2015

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  2. Irwin

    Tustin station added a lot of parking, which probably explains the jump in boarding.

    Also worth pointing out that Metrolink OC line is picking up ridership because OCTA is adding funding for more service.

    Not sure what is going on in SGV with Industry and Covina Station ridership falling fast.

  3. Phantom Co

    New Foothill Transit Express Bus service from from Industry Park & Ride. Higher frequency, lower fare, more reliable.

  4. calwatch

    Metrolink’s Covina station also charges for parking and Foothill Transit doesn’t. As more Metrolink stations charge for parking, the cost for riding just goes up.

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